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Family Friendly Nutrition

This 6-week program is entirely online and can be done on your own time. Each week you will be given information and exercises to practice with your family as well as regular habit reminders and accountability support. Family Friendly Nutrition will give you the skills you need to get your family on track to healthy and sustainable nutrition habits. Help your children get a healthy start.

$189/6 weeks

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Custom Nutrition Coaching

Custom nutrition coaching is available to help you meet your personal goals. It can be done online or in-person (Santa Barbara or Goleta area). We will meet weekly (for about 30-45 minutes) at an agreed upon time and set a habit or task for you to practice during the week. You will have the option to receive daily habit reminders. Together, we will identify a sustainable path to reaching your health and wellness goals.

$50/week for one individual

$75/week for a couple

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Sustainability Consulting

I also offer nutrition, environmental education, and sustainability consulting for non-profits and school groups. I have experience with individuals of all ages, ranging from leading elementary school groups to advising undergraduate students to speaking to adults. Let's work together to meet your education and outreach needs.

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Family Friendly Nutrition

Sustainable nutrition education for the whole family

Family Friendly Nutrition is designed to help parents navigate healthy choices for themselves and their family. In this six week course, you will receive lessons and weekly habits emailed directly to you. You will also receive daily habit reminders through our nutrition coaching software to keep you on track.

Some of the topics you will learn include:

  • What are healthy food choices
  • When to buy organic
  • How to read labels
  • How to reduce processed foods in your diet
  • How much sugar you should be eating
  • How much food your family needs
  • How to get kids (and adults) to make healthy food choices
  • How to talk about food and nutrition to create a healthy relationship with food
  • How to deal with picky eaters
  • How to make meal time family time
  • What vitamins and minerals are important for your family

I use a habit-based approach since I believe in helping clients adopt small, incremental, and sustainable habits that will overall transform your diet and way of life. Of course, we will involve the whole family because working together is what families do to succeed!

Family Friendly Nutrition helps you create a healthy and sustainable diet that integrates foods your family loves. You are the driver, and as a parent, a role model.