Erika, Goodland Nutrition

About Me

I have a passion for sustainability, nutrition, and good food. Protecting our planet and providing nutrition support are predominant themes in my life. I believe a healthy diet for us is also what is best for our planet. A variety of whole foods that are grown using organic, sustainable, and regenerative practices nourishes our bodies and the soil, making it possible to continue growing food for the future. I love working with clients and helping them transform their lives for themselves and their families. While I am a vegetarian and encourage clients to integrate plant-based, whole food options into their diets, I work with all clients to find healthy choices that match their food preferences.

I am a scientist and educator by training. I hold a Bachelor degree in Biology from Bates College, a Master's in Environmental Management from Duke University, and a Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of New Hampshire. I am a certified Health and Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. I have worked as a marine scientist, reducing bycatch of protected species in fishing gear and am well-versed in sustainable seafood issues. I have lead elementary Ocean Guardian students in becoming better stewards of our planet, and I work with Surfrider's Ocean Friendly Restaurant to help restaurants adopt sustainable practices. I currently work at the University of California, Santa Barbara with undergraduate students in developing environmental leadership skills. I am working to become a UC Climate Steward and teach how we can reduce our climate footprint with the food choices we make.

I live in Santa Barbara, CA with my husband and two daughters. I love making meals and drinking wine with family, shopping at local farmer's markets, hiking on local trails, and sailing in the Santa Barbara Channel while seeking marine mammals to watch.