Empowering Families with Healthy, Sustainable Nutrition Choices

As parents, we want what is best for our families. When it comes to nutrition, we face a lot of challenges, whether it be busy schedules, picky eaters, readily available processed foods, finances, lack of knowledge, or even peer pressure. My programs are designed to get your family on track to adopting sustainable and healthy eating habits.

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Built-for-you online programs

My built-for-you online programs allow you to access your program from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. You set the time and place. You will be sent weekly lessons and habits to practice that will add up to lifelong changes.

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Custom one-on-one coaching

My custom coaching program allows you to identify your own personal goals and have 1:1 support to help you reach them. Gain accountability through access to personal coaching, weekly check-ins, and daily reminders.

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Online and in-person options

Flexible programming allows you to learn from anywhere online, but if you are local to Santa Barbara or Goleta, we offer in-person coaching, educational workshops, pantry clean-outs, and educational shopping trips.

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Good Nutrition Starts Early

By teaching our children to make sustainable and nutritious food choices at a young age, they will crave healthy food when they are older and will more likely experience a lifetime of health and wellness.

Children slicing fruits with safety knives

Family Friendly Nutrition


This 6-week online program will give you the skills you need to get your family on track to healthy and sustainable nutrition habits. Help your children get a healthy start.

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Get Fit, Mama!


This ten-week online program will help you lose weight, build immunity, and feel great by adopting small, incremental habits that will lead big results. This is your chance to be a healthy role model for your family!

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Reach Your Personal Goals


Custom nutrition coaching can be done online or in-person (Santa Barbara or Goleta area). Together, we will identify a sustainable path to reaching your health and wellness goals.

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