Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect From Your Online Family Friendly Nutrition Program?

My online Family Friendly Nutrion program offers 6 weeks of useful nutrition information to get your whole family eating healthy and sustainably, delivered directly to your inbox. ​You will learn topics such as how to address picky eaters, involve your family in meal time, eat a diverse diet of nutritious foods, and help yourself get fit and healthy.

Each week you can expect to get lessons on various topics such as how to wisely read a nutrition label, how to talk to your children about food, how to incorporate new foods into your daily meals, or which foods you should buy organic and where you can save a few bucks. You will have weekly habits to focus on related to the weekly lessons.

You will have the option to get daily reminders through our nutrition coaching software to ensure you stay focused.

While you won’t get the weekly check-ins I offer through my 1:1 nutrition counseling, I am happy to answer questions.

What Can I Expect During 1:1 Consulting?

We will meet weekly to discuss your goals for about 30-45 minutes. Based on your personal goals and interests, we will work together to decide what you will work on each week, making sure we pick tasks that are manageable given everything else that is going on in your life. I use this habit-based approach since I believe in helping clients adopt small, incremental, and sustainable habits that will overall transform your diet and way of life. You have the option to receive daily task reminders, and we will discuss progress on the task at our following meeting.

We all need to a team to help us reach our goals and hold us accountable. I am here to support you and also help you create your own family and friend network to work with you to achieve your goals and those of your family.

I am available to meet in person (Santa Barbara or Goleta), on the phone, or via zoom.

What Do We Talk About During 1:1 Consulting?

We talk about you, your goals, how you envision your health, what you want to work on, who supports (or doesn't) your progress, how to work around your food preferences or aversions, and more. I am here to support you and help you find a diet that works for you and your lifestyle.

I can also help you identify ways to reduce toxins in your life through reducing packaging, selecting the best kitchen products, choosing toxic-free body products, and more.

Are You Plant-based?

While I am vegetarian and eat a primarily plant-based diet, I work with clients with all diets and food preferences. Since I believe whole foods in their most natural form provide our bodies the nutrition we need to have energy and stay healthy and are also what is best for our planet, I will work with clients to introduce plant-based food options (fruits and vegetables) into their diets. I won't ask you to give up your favorite foods, but I may ask you to have an open mind to new foods and save some of the less healthy options for "sometimes" occasions.

How Can I Start Working With You?

Visit my contact page, and send me a message, letting me know you are ready to get started with either my Family Friendly Nutrition program, 1:1 coaching, or sustainability consulting.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

I can accept payment online via Zelle or PayPal.