I offer sustainable family nutrition education and counseling.

As a parent to two small children, I believe it is important to teach children healthy food choices early in life to bolster immunity and promote lifelong health and wellness. Children look to their parents and caregivers as role models. I encourage parents to practice making healthy choices for themselves and their families, and help them navigate food for nourishment, energy, and immunity from the farm or store to the table or lunch box.

I also work regularly with moms who want to eat healthy to once again feel comfortable in their skin and regain a sense of self or control after expanding their families.

What I do

  • I offer nutrition and wellness education that is sustainable for you, your family, and our planet.
  • I help clients create a diet rich in whole, minimally processed foods to give them energy, boost immunity, and provide long-term health and wellness.
  • I help parents teach their children healthy eating habits from a young age.
  • I help parents get even the pickiest eaters to try new foods and eat less sugar.
  • I educate moms who want to get fit and healthy and be role models for their kids.
  • I teach kids to nourish their bodies.
  • I provide accountability and support to help clients achieve their nutrition and wellness goals.

My Philosophy

Nutrition to me is rooted in sustainability. What is good for our bodies is what is also good for our Earth. Buying and eating nourishing whole foods with minimal packaging and free of pesticides not only is what is healthiest for our bodies but also healthiest for our planet. Our planet and our bodies are our future, and we need both.

Our nutrition practices must also be sustainable for us. I focus on helping clients adopt lifelong habits that can be sustained. I do not believe in short-term challenges or fad diets, nor do I think there is a “one size all diet” that works for everyone. I do not provide a meal plan that clients have to follow during my programs, only to be lost once the program is over. I teach clients habits that they can adopt regardless of their food preferences, aversions, intolerances, or allergies. Each client is unique, and my goal is my clients adopt small, incremental, and sustainable habits that overall transform their diet and way of life.


I am a scientist and educator by training. I hold degrees in Biology and Environmental Management from Bates College and Duke University. I also have a Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of New Hampshire and am a certified Health and Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. Protecting our planet and providing nutrition support are predominant themes in my life. I believe a healthy diet for us is also what is best for our planet. A variety of whole foods that are grown using organic and sustainable practices nourishes our bodies and the soil, making it possible to continue growing food for the future. I love working with clients and helping them transform their lives for themselves and their families.

Join me

Food tells a story of our lives. We share food with family and friends. It solicits memories of childhood, family traditions, and friendships for many of us. I am excited to be part of your food story, and help you make meaningful change in your life. Learn about my services and how I can help you.